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Do you have an old PC lying in a corner of your house and you don’t know what to do with it? How about turning it into an Android TV? Yes, believe it or not, there is already a full version of Android TV that you can install on any PC or laptop with Intel or AMD processor. It is called Android TV x86 and was created by «AmznUser444 Dev», a member of XDA.
Have you made up your mind and want to turn your PC into an Android TV? Below, we explain how to do it step by step and the limitations you will encounter after installing the ROM. Anyway, if you want to test how this operating system is before installing it on your PC, here is a tutorial on how to test Android TV on Windows with Android Studio.
Before explaining step by step how to install Android TV on your PC, in the following lines we will show you the limitations or cons of using a PC as Android TV and not a real Android TV device. In addition, we will introduce you to the requirements needed for the installation. Are you ready? Let’s get started…

Android tv emulator for pc

Do you want to have Android TV on your computer to turn it into a gateway to content or simply to test applications? Well, it is not very complicated to achieve it, we show you a fairly simple way to do it: with the Android Studio emulator.
Every Smart TV offers a window to endless entertainment, either with its own channels or through the applications that can be installed from the operating system. Precisely, Android TV brings to the TVs a large number of apps, this is its main value. And not only to the TVs, but also to the players that have access to Android TV. For example… How about having it installed on the computer? Whether it is Windows, Mac or Linux, it is possible.
Under our tests, we have been able to do almost everything we usually do on our real Android TV. There are certain limitations, such as certain native Android TV apps are not supported (Netflix, for example). This can be solved by installing the APK of the mobile versions; then open the apps from the Sideload Launcher. This launcher can be installed from the Play Store of the emulated Android TV.

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The idea is that you can install it on an old PC or laptop, to turn it into an Android TV device that you can connect to the TV and stream Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, as well as play some Android games with a Bluetooth-enabled gamepad.
Mind you, it must be said that at the moment, this is not possible. Android TV x86 works with most of its apps, as well as WiFi, LAN and Bluetooth connection. But for now the Chromecast functions do not transmit correctly, and Netflix only starts in the mobile version. But its author is working on all these things.
As cheap as Android players are, it’s not worth using Android TV x86 if you’re looking for a stable player with great picture quality. But as a personal project, for fun or curiosity, or to give an old PC a new use, it can be interesting and educational. If you want to try it, you can download Android TV for PC from XDA Developers.


Como hemos dicho, instalar Android Studio es muy sencillo, así que no tendrás ningún problema en este sentido. Y con eso, vas a poder hacer unas cuantas cosas que hacen que merezca la pena probar Android TV en un ordenador.
Para empezar, es una forma perfecta de ver si te gusta este sistema operativo. Hay que recordar que Samsung o LG, por poner algún ejemplo, utilizan sus propios sistemas operativos (Tizen y webOS respectivamente), por lo que es interesante poder comparar y valorar cuál es el mejor para ti.
También podrás instalar todo tipo de juegos y aplicaciones sin ningún problema y ver cómo se verán en tu televisor, si merece la pena instalarlo, … Una forma perfecta de saber qué apps instalar en tu dispositivo Android TV.
Por no hablar del hecho de que podrás probar diferentes versiones del sistema operativo. Recordemos que la Xiaomi Mi TV 4S cuenta con Android 9. Así que no es mala idea ver qué cambios habrá en futuras actualizaciones.
Y ten en cuenta que Android Studio no solo es capaz de emular este sistema, sino que también podrás probar las bondades de las últimas versiones de Android para móviles o Wear OS.  En definitiva, las ventajas que ofrece este emulador para instalar Android TV en tu PC son muchas.

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