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Huawei fm radio not available in your region

Some users admit to having deleted the application by mistake, while others claim that the radio has disappeared after an update. Whatever the reason, the truth is that in all cases the situation is the same, not finding the radio tool anywhere and therefore, being left without the ability to use the function unless you install a third-party app, something that many users do not want to do as they are plagued with advertising.
If we do not find the radio in the previous step, we have probably deleted it by mistake. In that case, we can try to install the app again manually. In this link you can find different versions of the radio. Not all of them work on all devices, and users report successes and failures trying this method. However, it is always better than resorting to the third step shown below.

Huawei fm radio apk 6.1 01

As I was saying, this smartphone is considered a high-end so we will have to be aware of the price, which in my opinion is not unreasonable, and demand the specifications it deserves. The version I am going to analyze has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage, although there is the option of 6GB and 128GB respectively.
As far as updates go, in the time I’ve had it, I’ve received a WiFi and VoLTE performance improvement update. Also, from what Huawei has posted, the new beta version of Android 8.0 is already being tested, so it won’t be long before it arrives on this device.
On one side of the rear area, there is the dual camera and a two-tone LED flash. On the side, it has some words that say «DUAL LENS hybrid zoom» and a little further down it puts the name of the smartphone (Honor).
On the right side we have the typical volume up and volume down buttons and the lock button. On the left side the tray to insert the nano SIMs and micro SD. On the lower side is the USB Type C jack, the speaker and the 3.5mm jack. To finish with the section, located at the top is the infrared LED.

Huawei p30 lite fm radio apk

Does your Android phone have support for FM radio? I have good news and bad news about that. The good news is that it probably does have the necessary hardware. The bad news is that it is quite possible that FM radio is disabled.
My Nokia 5800 XpressMusic from 2008 included support for listening to FM radio using the headphones as an antenna, and since then (almost) every phone I’ve owned until today has kept it. However, the popularity of FM radio in our cell phones continues to decline. The chip is still there, but capped. So you can see if your phone has FM radio.
However, the fact that there is no radio application does not mean that it does not have radio support. We already saw for example that the Xiaomi Mi A1 had no radio app but allowed you to listen to it from a system test. Luckily, it was later fixed with a system update.
NextRadio can be a solution if just your mobile is supported and you do not have Radio app, but it is still not a definitive answer. For example, opening it on a Xiaomi Mi A1 says that it has no FM radio.

Huawei fm radio android 10

While it is important to keep something in mind, it is likely that your Android phone has the FM radio chip, but by default it is disabled. This happens quite often in the market, making many users think that their phone does not have this feature. To find out for sure, there are several ways to check.
The simplest and quickest thing we can do to find out whether or not it has this feature is to search directly for the radio application on the phone. If there is an application available, we can already say that the Android phone in question has FM radio. There are brands that continue to introduce this application on their phones, so you may have seen it on occasion.
Then look for the application on the phone, also looking in the application drawers, as often the brand introduces it there, but without making hardly any noise, which often leads to think that the phone does not have FM radio. If after searching there is no trace of such an application, nothing happens, there are more options.

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