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The key: a reasonable price, and the Chinese know a lot about that. Let’s go with an analysis of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, all its new features and improvements over the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, opinions and much more. Is it worth the change?
At first glance you might be familiar, because it seems that made to me it does not have much intention to change the essence of the Mi Band or Mi Smart Band, which has remained virtually untouched since its origin.
The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has a magnetic charger, which we connect directly to the inside just below the pulse sensor. A much cleaner solution than before, in my opinion, and that will prevent the straps from giving out prematurely.
In the 4 the screen grew to 0.92 inches and in this Xiaomi Mi Band 5 the screen goes up to 1.1 inches in its AMOLED panel. It is true that it is still a small space and that the things we can see, and do, from the bracelet, are limited, the improvement is always appreciated. This increase means seeing 20% more content in the same space. Its resolution is 126×294 pixels.

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To make use of this development there are not many requirements to be met, apart from having a Xiaomi Mi Band 3. With having a phone with Android 5.0 or later and having installed Mi Fit – necessary to manage the smartband we are talking about, the work works perfectly. By the way, Mi Band Maps is also compatible with Xiaomi Amazfit Bip.
Once you proceed with the installation, which is the usual in an application that is downloaded from Play Store, an initial wizard appears that guides you with the steps you have to take (and yes, everything is translated). On the second screen you have to select the wearable accessory you have, in this case the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 that must be synchronized with the smartphone at that time.
Now you have to check that you have the App Alerts option enabled in the Mi Fit app – within the Mi Band 3 options – and that the Only receive when screen is off slider has the slider on active (if this is the case, you may have problems). Then, we proceed to give access to notifications to the app we are using, otherwise it will not work properly.

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Both the Mi Band 1 and 1S came without a display and served mostly as a step counter, but with the Mi Band 2, Xiaomi finally entered the category of smartbands and activity monitors. Back then, the monochrome OLED display of just 0.42 inches was enough to show steps, distances traveled and various types of notifications waiting to be read via app icons. More than enough in 2016, but in 2018 the demands are different. Therefore, the fourth generation of the Mi Band must offer much more, without forgetting the achievements of its predecessors.
If you are called, you can use the bracelet to mute the cell phone or reject the call. Of course, you can also register the Mi Band 3 as a SmartLock device, so that the phone remains unlocked whenever the wristband is nearby.
Is more needed? Maybe, but only in some cases. Athletes who need a monitor with GPS functionality and MP3 storage should avoid the Mi Band 3. But those who need a simple, easy-to-operate wristband with a good battery life that serves as an extension of the smartphone should get a Mi Band 3 in a heartbeat. Switching from the Mi Band 2 to the Mi Band 3 is not absolutely necessary, except if the Band 2 you have is starting to work worse. In any case, it is best to wait a bit, because experience has already shown that Mi Band products tend to drop in price.

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Before starting with the analysis and opinion of the Mi Band 3, we must talk about the differences with the previous model, as it is something important for the user who has the previous generation quantifying bracelet and is thinking of making the leap to a Fitbit or a sports watch from other brands.
On the other hand, we have Bluetooth 4.2 to save battery (4.0 in the previous model), it has NFC to make payments and, most importantly, both the heart rate meter and water resistance has improved.
We’ll talk about both elements in detail now, but what should be emphasized is that we can now swim for as long as we want with the Mi Band 3 and we can submerge it to a depth of 50 meters (with the Mi Band 2 we were limited to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes).
However, the feel is more premium, as the light hits the rounded edges differently, creating a more premium device feel. In addition, the main button of the bracelet is no longer a separate element of the body and is fully integrated into the glass of the screen. It is a touch surface that allows us to perform certain actions that we will detail below.

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