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The class B driving license authorizes to drive: -Automobiles whose M.M.A. does not exceed 3.500 Kg and cannot transport more than 9 persons including the driver. They are authorized to tow a trailer or semi-trailer:
— up to 750 kg. of M.M.A., you can always carry it. — if it has more than 750 kg. but the whole does not exceed 3,500 kg. of MMA. — if it has more than 750 kg. and the whole exceeds 3,500 kg. but does not exceed 4,250 kg. of MMA, you can carry it if you have the authorization B-96.

Dgt test 2020

For the professional driving of vehicles that authorize driving license classes C1, C1+E, C, C, C+E, D1, D1+E, D or D+E, must comply with the provisions of Royal Decree 284/2021, of April 20, which regulates the initial qualification and continuous training of drivers of certain vehicles used for road transport and amending the Regulations of the Law of Land Transport Management, approved by Royal Decree 1211/1990, of September 28.

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If you wish to work as a trailer driver, you must obtain the CAP Freight certificate by taking a 140-hour course and a theoretical exam. Now you have the opportunity to obtain both qualifications simultaneously through our combined pack: C+E+CAP Merchandise License.
The first step to obtain the C+E license is the theoretical exam, we have different ways that help us to adapt to you, so that you can pass it without any difficulty, no matter which option you choose, you can always take the test wherever you are, from your cell phone through our App Test Online.
At Pallars, the driving practices are always carried out in test areas so that you know well the main routes and the conflictive points of the C+E license. In addition, we have new articulated trucks that facilitate control while driving and a practice track exclusively for Pallars.
You will learn to drive an articulated vehicle or a set of vehicles through skill tests, which will allow you to perform any kind of maneuvers with the vehicle and prepare you for the official DGT exam.

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The C+E license allows drivers who wish to obtain this license to circulate with vehicles authorized by the C license and a trailer or semi-trailer whose MMA is over 750 Kg, with a maximum of 9 seats (including the driver), Autoescuela Abril will make it easier for you to obtain the C+E license. With this license, as with the BTP, it opens up new job opportunities for people who have this C+E license.
As with almost all licenses, to obtain the C+E license you will also have to pass a Theoretical Specific Examination for Trailers/Semi-trailers. This exam consists of 20 questions on specific contents in which 2 failures are allowed in order to be considered passed.
Once the theoretical exam is passed, the next step will be the practical exam of maneuvers in closed circuit: of the DGT. This exam is done in the tracks of the Dirección General de Tráfico in Móstoles, previously Autoescuela Abril will have prepared you well to pass it thanks also to having its own maneuvers circuit in Getafe.

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