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«When I was writing Epi and Blas, I always thought of them as a couple. I had no other way to contextualize it. Besides, more than one person has referred to Arnie and me as Epi and Blas,» Mark Saltzman told Queerty media, mentioning his partner Arnold Gassman.
In fact, the relationship between the screenwriter and his partner was reflected in the fiction of Epi and Blas: «Arnold, as a film editor, was the tidy one, the organized one, like Blas. I was more like Epi, the joker. (…) Arnie’s obsessive compulsive disorder created friction with how chaotic I am. And that’s the dynamic of Epi and Blas. I brought that dynamic to the characters.

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Although it was an open secret, it wasn’t until Mark Saltzman’s interview with Queerty that the million-dollar Sesame Street question was answered: Were Epi and Blas a couple or just friends?
But Saltzman has gone further and has revealed that many of his friends thought that Epi and Blas were inspired by him and his former partner, the film editor Arnold Gassman: «I was more like Epi, the joker and chaotic. While Arnold, as a film editor, was the orderly one. I brought that dynamic to the characters.
In view of the uproar caused Sesame Workshop, the organization behind Sesame Street, has been forced to issue a statement on the alleged homosexuality of Epi and Blas to clarify the situation, completely rejecting Mark Saltzman’s statements.

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While the video began to spread through networks, Pablo Casado defended in an event in Zaragoza the «responsible» decision of not dividing the center-right vote by opting for «new parties» because both PSOE and Podemos would benefit. The only thing missing was for the leader of the Popular Party to start the rally explaining to his followers, as Coco did, which is the right and which is the left.
But more than royalties, what the creators of Epi and Blas could demand in Genoa is more internal verisimilitude to the gag. The pair of puppets could well be talking about politics, yes. And, why not, about whether they will vote for Vox or the PP.
But it is inevitable to imagine them discussing another issue that was already an open secret when Epi and Blas, sitting on the couch, were on the cover of The New Yorker magazine to illustrate the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage. And even one of their scriptwriters brought them out of the closet for good by confessing that he always thought of them as a couple. So maybe what Blas is reproaching Epi is that how is he going to vote for Vox if Santiago Abascal’s party has declared itself against considering same-sex unions as marriage.

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Epi and Blas, two of the most emblematic characters of the mythical children’s program Sesame Street, were a couple. This has been confirmed by Mark Saltzman, scriptwriter of the program, who in a recent interview assures that he always thought of the two characters as a couple.
The alleged relationship between Epi and Blas has always been a recurring theme. In fact, in June 2013, the weekly magazine The New Yorker used an image of the two characters to illustrate its cover on the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in favor of same-sex marriages.

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