Oposiciones inspector de hacienda dificultad

🤞 Tax technician or inspector

Personally, I would opt for a tax technician. Once you’ve got your head in the game, you’ll be able to see if you want to move up to the inspection corps. Look at how many vacancies are coming up and what is the ratio of people who apply, to know how disputed they can be.
Personally, I would opt for the Treasury Technician. Once you have your head in the game, you will be able to see if you want to move up to the inspection corps. Look at how many vacancies are coming up and what is the ratio of people who apply, to know how disputed they can be.
If you are a graduate and you want to apply for a competitive examination in which only the school degree is required, you can do it. Another thing is that maybe bachelors and doctorates will not be counted to give you points because the oposicion is for group D. But you can apply for them.
The oppositions are not segregated, being a graduate you can apply for any group you want. What you say is true in other countries (Italy comes to mind), but not here. People who have a school degree, well, they have studied.

😱 Oposiciones technical tax examinations 2021

I would like to thank Editorial Colex, which specializes in legal books, for the trust placed in me and the freedom it has given me to write an account that is not limited to professional experiences.
It states that «the demands of time, effort and dedication required by many competitive examinations can expel candidates who, for reasons of time or economic capacity, are not eligible for such positions».
Of course, it is desirable a reform that introduces improvements in the tests, that addresses the need for more training in digitization and languages and perhaps eliminates or reduces some theoretical issues not directly related to the functions of the various bodies of civil servants.
I would like to remind Gregorio Luri, philosopher, pedagogue, essayist and defender of training in numerous texts, states that «learning is based on memory. What is not in memory simply does not exist».
The young university students who enthusiastically finish their studies in the faculties with semi-presential or virtual classes surely do not know what I am talking about, and perhaps they do not know Francisco Umbral. Surely they know Mercedes Milá, the presenter of that program, but not as a current affairs journalist, but as a host of reality shows, such as Gran Hermano.

🙏 Treasury technician in the 2021 public examinations

Another reason is that, in order to take the compulsory training course in Madrid after passing the competitive examination, the candidates themselves have to pay for their accommodation and meals, which, logically, not everyone can afford.
This situation has led the Tax Agency to modify the approach of the different exercises of the competitive examination, leaving a certain time margin between one and the other or granting certain facilities (for example, keeping the grade of some of the exercises for the next call in case of not passing all the tests of the competitive examination, as will be explained below). Likewise, the possibility of decentralizing the training course so that it can be given in the provincial tax offices has also been considered.
Both the syllabus and the exam for this type of competitive examination can be divided into five large correlative blocks, in such a way that each of the syllabus blocks makes up the content of each exercise that must be passed in order to pass the competitive examination.

📙 Tax inspector salary

In this sense, they point out that the sudden elimination of a group of officials would cause the organization of the AEAT to be significantly reduced, since the functions and tasks developed by the officials of the Technical Corps would be ‘orphaned’ of workers to carry them out.
In the opinion of the association, it is «intolerable» that Gestha, as one of the unions representing the officials of the Technical Corps, uses the fight against the scourge of tax fraud «as a cover to achieve its purpose, which is none other than to achieve a salary improvement through the creation of this Senior Technical Corps».

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