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MARTÍN CHICO Martín Chico y Suárez was born in Cehegín (Murcia) on July 17, 1864. He studied to become a teacher in Madrid and worked as a schoolteacher in several towns: in Illescas (Toledo) and then in the city of Cehegín (Murcia).
1. HEARING COMPREHENSION Listen again to track 32 of the audio CD of the Student’s Book and answer the questions. Who is the AIDS awareness work aimed at? 2. Do the young people use condoms?
READING Title Don Quixote and his demons Don Quixote Miguel de Cervantes Adaptation by A. Sánchez Read the following text carefully and then answer the questions. After spending the night outdoors, the
WORD OF MAN TOMÁS URTUSÁSTEGUI 2011 CHARACTERS: MIRIAM AND DARIO. BOTH YOUNG UPPER-MIDDLE CLASS PEOPLE. DARIO: You haven’t answered me. MIRIAM: I guess you haven’t asked me anything. DARIO: I asked you.
The adverb 1 LEARN e What are adverbs? Adverbs are words that express circumstances of place, time, manner and quantity, or affirmation, negation or doubt. For example: They are here. Vino

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After dealing with the dependency injection offered by CDI and its scopes, we will continue deepening in the use of this technique. We will study more advanced functionalities that will allow us to cover a wide range of situations that we will encounter in our day to day developing applications with Jakarta EE.
The message is quite descriptive and informs about the candidate classes to solve the injection. We have to configure the classes and injection points so that CDI provides the implementation we need by resorting to the use of qualifiers. These are annotations that allow us to identify the classes in the CDI container to indicate the ones we want to receive in the injection points when there are several options. They are the solution to the question in the following diagram
With @Target we define the annotable elements. We want to allow the use of FileStorageRemoteQualifier in any injection point, so we have field (attribute), method (method) and parameter (parameter of a method).

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The 5.16 m long and a 265 hp diesel engine make the Mercedes R-Class the perfect ally for long journeys. Will it be enough to finally win over drivers in the European market?
Mercedes was not exactly overjoyed with the sales of the R-Class: good figures in China, average in America and very mediocre in Europe. With the facelift and a V6 diesel engine that has gone from 224 to 265 hp, they have pulled out all the stops.
Comfort: This is its great plus point. As a diesel, the engine is quiet and refined. The air suspension (2,226 euros) raises comfort to a heavenly state. Price/equipment: The official consumption is 8.5 l, and the one we reached in our test cycle is 9.3 l. An R-Class can be made more expensive with extras of all kinds.

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pressing both lock and unlock at the same time, (I don’t remember the seconds) it goes to security mode and then when opening, it only opens the driver’s door, and the second time you press unlock it opens everything, if you repeat the operation it goes back to full opening mode.
5) If you have automatic transmission, press the shift lever to the left and keep it pressed, this will engage the lowest possible gear allowing you to have more power for overtaking. Similarly, press the shift lever to the right and hold it down, this will allow the shift to return to the fully automatic position. If you only want to downshift one gear, just press the lever once to the left.
7) If you press the shift lever lightly, the turn signals will flash 3-4 times and turn off automatically. It is therefore not necessary to press the lever and then return it to its position after the maneuver.
9) When the panoramic roof is left open on an extremely sunny day, the vehicle will automatically close it to the «tilted» position after a certain time parked (only euro P2 version).

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