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I still don’t see anything that convinces me. It looks more like a future park of PAU of periphery well done than a reform for a square in the center of Madrid. Monumentality zero. And we still have to see how the super slab is, and the cement walls, but I prefer to keep waiting to see progress. Obviously there will be some improvements compared to the very neglected previous square; new furniture, new pavements, etc. but it is the minimum that is expected of any reform.
I believe that by turning the monument they had foreseen that the statues of Don Quixote and Sancho would be outside the parterre on the pavement of the esplanade. By not turning it, they will remain inside the parterre, so I predict little future for the grass or bushes that they will put there (as before).

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Last month began the remodeling works of José Ortega y Gasset street so that next summer 2022 this street will have new sidewalks, more crosswalks and twice as many trees, thanks to the renovation of all street furniture and lighting in this area. In other words, these works will not take away space for cars, but will only involve a rearrangement of the space to make it more accessible. From June 28, 2021 to September 20, 2021, one traffic lane and part of the parking strip in the section of Ortega y Gasset Street between Plaza de Marqués de Salamanca and Lagasca Street will be closed to traffic. Also, from June 28, 2021 to June 28, 2022, a part of the Plaza del Marqués de Salamanca will be affected by the works, where fences, booths and work stockpiles will be installed.Sculpture Museum of the Castellana basement

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The change in the final project affects the promenade and also the bike path, which was originally going to run parallel to the road and will now go over the historical complex, clearly separated from the rest of the roads, until it reaches the junction of San Quintín street.
This space will form part of a cultural itinerary proposed by the Madrid City Council to also visit the buttresses of the Sabatini Gardens found during the construction work (point 01 on the map).
The itinerary of vestiges found in the works will be completed with the remains of the San Gil Barracks (red point on the map), found under Ferraz Street, which will be shown a few meters away from its original location.
Also in this area, citizens who have passed by will have been able to observe one of the few areas of the work that is already finished. This is the Emilio Jiménez Millás square, located at the exit of the passageway that on the other side leads to the Plaza de los Cubos and Martín de los Heros, which previously served as a surface parking lot for numerous cars.

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The project by Diller Scofidio + Renfro (architects), Gustafson Porter + Bowman (landscape architects) and B720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos has been chosen by Merlin Properties and GMP to erect ‘Renazca’, the business block in Madrid that links Nuevos Ministerios with the Santiago Bernabéu.
The project to be launched by the Consistory in Puerta del Sol is based on the winning proposal of the ‘Piensa Sol’ competition that the City Council and COAM convened in 2014 with the aim of advancing the diagnosis of the problems of this space and reflecting on possible solutions. This proposal, submitted by architects José Ignacio Linazasoro and Ricardo Sánchez, was left up in the air then due to the change of municipal government, but now it is going to be recovered and will serve as the basis for the final project to be drafted by the winners of the competition hand in hand with the municipal technical services.
Linazasoro and Sánchez explained the basic lines of their proposal, which «seeks to recover the order and shape of the space by regrouping the functions and ordering the elements of the square». In this sense, in the northern arch there would be a seating area formed by stone benches that would delimit the commercial area with respect to the central void. «This would make it possible to define a commercial axis, thus guaranteeing a certain autonomy of the commercial functions with respect to the center of the square». 4. Madrid Nuevo Norte: 400,000 square meters of new green areas

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