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This Wednesday the series ‘B&b’ returned to Telecinco. The feeling is that nobody expected it. Not even the network seemed to do so. Since the final chapter of the first season, aired on June 11, 2014, 15 long months had passed. Too long for a fiction that, in 16 episodes, only managed to reach 3 million followers in one of them.
But the series returned and did so as the third option of the night with data that make us fear the worst: 2,283,000 and 13.7% share was what the first episode of the second season of ‘B&b’ registered. Figures that would place it as the third least watched episode of the series and that are not only far from the network’s average, but also from the average of the first season of the series (14.3% and 2,602,000).
However, instead of immediately moving ‘B&b’ to another night, Mediaset kept it for two more weeks, watching how ‘Velvet’ rolled it over in its second and third episode, in which the difference was again over 9 share points, while ‘B&b’ did not reach 2.7 million viewers. B&b’ had consumed three episodes and its future was already uncertain.

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The first season, which aired in the spring of 2014, had an average audience per episode of 2.6 million viewers and a 14.3% audience share. Despite these discreet figures, Mediaset decided to bet on this fiction and renewed with Globomedia for a second season.
Fans who want to know the outcome of B&B will have to wait a little longer than expected, since there will be no episode on Wednesday 23rd, as Telecinco has scheduled the finale of Gran Hermano 16 due to the fact that Thursday -the day on which Mercedes Milá’s reality show usually airs- coincides with Christmas Eve.

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In 2013 Telecinco premiered B&b, de boca en boca, a dramedy set in the editorial office of a national fashion and current affairs magazine. Throughout its two seasons, the series focuses on the personal and professional lives of the magazine’s employees.
The series premiered successfully and for that reason the renewal of a second season was announced. But this joy faded in the second season, driven, among other aspects, by the irregularity of its broadcasts. For two weeks this fiction did not see the light of day -by then already falling in audiences- and in its place the films Ocho apellidos vascos and Avatar were broadcasted. Likewise, the end of the series, which was being watched because of the events, was delayed one week to the scheduled day due to the broadcasting of the final of Gran Hermano 16.
This did not prevent a sector of critics from recognizing the work of the series and in 2015 the Monte Carlo Television Festival nominated the series in two categories: Best Comedy TV Series and Best Actress in a Comedy TV Series for Belén Rueda.

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We recall that the actor was also unhappy with the network for the delay of the second season of ‘B&B’. In an interview with Shangay magazine, he ironized: «I would like to ask Mediaset for their concept of ‘coming soon’, to know how long it is».
Another attraction of the new season is the evolution of the relationship between Candela (Belén Rueda) and Rubén (Andrés Velencoso). Telecinco is also promoting the series with the story of the actor and the journalist:
What consequences will Juan and Mario have after the brutal beating they received at the hands of Los Cobra? What will Bornay’s life be like in prison? Will Caye be able to keep from confessing that the child she is expecting is not Jacobo’s but Hugo’s? Will the feeling between Sonia and Bornay’s chauffeur work out? Will Candela be happy with Rubén Barahona? What will the future hold for Pablo and Clara’s marriage? (We remind you HERE how was the end of the first season).
These are some of the questions that will be answered in the second season of ‘Byb’ with two new additions: Cristóbal Suárez (‘Amar en tiempos revueltos’) and Elena Ballesteros (‘Cuéntame un cuento’).

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