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These are the premieres for january 2020 | netflix latin america

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El ejército de los muertos – tráiler español latino | netflix

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Tutorial miradetodo movies and series on line

The New Age or New Age seeks to penetrate more and more in society in different areas, seeking with its message to influence or modify our way of thinking, especially to those of us who have our beliefs founded on Christian bases and who have a Church that directs us in everything related to the spiritual, thus leading us to an ideal of holiness.
In this sense, the audiovisual media are not long in coming and also collaborate in spreading the New Age message through the big screen, with movies that become fashionable and become box office hits around the world. Some of these films are related to spiritualism, witchcraft, horror, fantasy, environmentalism, imaginary, the afterlife, motivational, paranormal phenomena, etc.
Ouija – 2014 (Horror), is a film where a group of young people make use of Ouija boards in order to contact the spirits of the afterlife. This film seeks to seduce young people to play with these spiritualistic resources, to promote the purchase of these boards and not to warn of the dangerous consequences of using them, such as falling into diabolical possessions.

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